/-works by Casey Reas. ///////////////// 


Paintings, prints, etc by Andrew Kalkov, Ukraine.

From the game Cogmind. Get it here

Clip from Rheingold – Computer Beat, 1984. YouTube. h/t: despens 

Typeset infographics from 1888 about Michigan alcohol regulations. Dry counties have dots and wet counties have waves ∿∿. The blank ones didn’t vote yet.

More at Dusty Diary. via Laura Brown.

A mandelbrot fractal calculated and printed as text on an IBM 1401 (1959) by Ken Shirriff. This computer does not use binary numbers and does not use bytes. It also does not use ASCII, but EBCDIC.

Louise Marie “Lou” Loeber (1894-1983) – a Dutch artist active in De Stijl for a while. h/t: Tim Koch