Beltel was South Africa’s videotex system. It was launched in 1986 and seems to have been quite active even in 1999.

Keyfax, a USA-version of the British Ceefax, was a “teletext magazine” that ran 1982-1986 mostly on the WTBS TV-channel. More info.

Get the daily USA/NYC news in teletext style on Twitter. Check @teletexttimes. Made by Heather Merrick.

From “the first electronic news magazine” (probably not true). This was a project to try to get USA to like teletext, which they never did.

Made by KCET in Los Angeles, 1980. Read more here.

An interactive videotex art work, part of A Hummer’s campaign to run for mayor of Toronto, 1982. A Hummer ended up at 2nd place with 10% of the votes. More here.

ASCII graffiti animation by Goto80. More here.

From 1882, these graphics were made with 13 symbols (shown at the bottom). This is a modular type called Combination Border No. 16, by Bruce’s New York Type Foundry. A little bit like PETSCII, a little bit more like alpha blox.

Found by Pinwheel Press & thanks to Marcin Wichary for the tip.