ASCII Pumper, a program from 2007 to colorize ASCII art for IRC.

ANSI art on IRC by , , , , , etc. From Pixel Patchwork: “Quilting in Time” Online by Brenda Danet, 2004.

The URL has an endless horse in coloured ASCII. Scroll a while, scroll forever!

Made by Colleen Josephson for the Stupid Hackathon. via boingboing

URL-animations by

Glen Chiacchieri 2015. Displays in the address bar of the browser. Click on one to see! Gifs posted by The Verge here.

Also check the game that you can play in the address bar: Flappy Braille.

\/\The conscience of a Hacker/\/ by The Mentor 1986 with My Little Pony graphics “written shortly after my arrest”.

ASCII-graffiti by Goto80. Made with the Amiga-font mO‘sOul. More here.

2 channel, the biggest forum in Japan, is changing its rules so users have started migrating to Reddit. Hopefullt that means more Japanese ASCII art like these, taken from a Google-translate powered thread here.

More Japanese Shift-JIS ASCII art here.