ASCII-graffiti by Goto80. Full video here.

In the 1960s, Eduardo Joselevich and Fanny Fingerman developed a technique to represent images with only four symbols. Full blocks or circles, in either black or white. They called it Fototrama and it was used at Olivetti and Philips for example.

More here.

Typing portraits with a Monotype, 1939. Full clip here.

In the 1870′s, Brooklyn Furniture Company spent more on ads than any other furniture company. And they did plenty of text graphics!

More in this ASCII-detective story. 

Calbee launched a new snack in April with ASCII art on the cover. Promoted with absurd videos like this, about sending W’s to the world and make them happy? More here.

h/t akaobi

Terminal graphics has a new technique to convert pixel images to text. It combines ANSI shading, Unicode blocks and true color and the results can be displayed in a terminal (given the right font and terminal software). More details here.

Made by Tim C. Schröder, 2016.

Bot on Slack that cleans up flipped tables. By Michael Pearson, via nerdcore.