Aeroholics Amiga ASCII-logo by Zorro/Up Rough for The Yard BBS, 2009.


System Shock. Amiga BBS, 1997. source

Björn Borg claims to have a bunch of “ASCII underwear”. But… sorry mr. Borg – you got it all wrong. Again.

Generative and coloured Unicode works by Ignotus the Mage, 2013.

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Amish quilt from 1890, trixel style.

via design-is-fine:

Lone Star, 1890. Amish quilt, family Samuel Zook, Pennsylvania. Sammlung Schlumberger, Photo Rainer Viertlböck. Exhibition 2007, Neue Sammlung München. Exhibition Daimond and Bars. The Art of the Amish, 2007

Frames from the animation movie ‘The Thief and the Cobbler’ by Richard Williams who work 28 years on the project, beginning production in 1964.
Watch the full movie here.


#teletextartoftheday #teletext Lukashajek, Rabbit is Gone for VBI Microtel, 2006. An eagle soars through a 70s living room!