My grandpa worked for IBM in the ’60s. This was printed from the company’s mainframe computer after JFK was assassinated.

source. h/t: Erkan Spitten

Kawasaki Synthesizer for C64, made by the Japanese jazz musician Ryo Kawasaki in 1983. Graphics partly made in petscii.

PETSCII kaleidoscope from Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine July 1979. h/t: Tim Koch. Reminds me of In A Loop by Ate Bit.

TYPE IN / workshop & exhibition 1st-9th November 2014
Works by:
Rosemary Lee, Raquel Meyers, Marie Forchhammer, Emilie Oksholt, Thea Sikker Remin & Ioana Grozav.
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The South Asian copper plates of Kollam, from year 849. More info.

Image from here, via iLKke.